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    BEAUTY Header Slideshow

    Beauty Treatments to Enhance your eyes

    The windows to ones soul should look good after all

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  • Beauty Treatments

    Beauty Treatments

    Facial Treatments to unwind and rejuvenate

    Life’s tolls can be undone @ Verite Beauty

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  • Waxing Treatments

    Waxing Treatments

    Waxing Treatments for the smoothest of Bodies

    a girls smooth skin is the foundation for everything else after all

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  • Mens Facials Southport

    Mens Facials Southport

    Making an effort to look Great Isn’t just for Ladies!

    Mens Treatments Available at Verite Beauty

Beauty Treatments @ Verite beauty

Visit Verite beauty southport to make the most of those wonderful eyes of yours for that special occasion or every day, just because you can.

In the vast majority of cases a series of treatments will permanently reduce the unwanted hair from the target area. Our methods are proven and safe. All hair removal is carried out by highly trained practitioners who are committed to providing you with the very highest levels of service.

How IPL hair removal works

The IPL has a unique Dual Phase Pulse with radio frequency which is designed to provide more efficient destruction of hair follicles than a standard IPL (intense pulse light). It removes hair by sending out high-energy light pulses. IPL works best at removing hair when it’s in the active growth phase. If you wax throughout your adult life you will spend in excess of £20,000 on hair removal!

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A smooth body is the foundation of beauty

Verite beauty’s waxing treatments in Southport are one of our most popular beauty treatments and our regulars grow in number ever month.
Our waxing will leave you smoother for longer and since we have our own private studio its a place to relax and unwind in Southport as well.
All waxing is performed using a sensitive Crème Wax for your comfort.

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“Beauty To me is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. That or kick as red lipstick”

Gwyneth Paltrow

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