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Make the most of yourself right down to your fingertips!

Southport Nail Salon Treatment List

Make the most of those fingertips!

Make the most of your those fingertips and express yourself with a visit Verite Beauty nail salon Southport. Nail treatments for any occasion from that special day to any day, just because you can.

Gelish Gel Polish

Up to 21 day wear, No Chip Formula

Application of Gelish on Hands or Toes £25

Application of Gelish, including Luxury Manicure or Pedicure £30

Removal of Gelish and New Application on Hands or Toes £25

Removal of Gelish and File and Strengthener  Application £10

Acrylic or BIAB Nails

Nail Art on More than Two Nails £5

Fullest of BIAB or Acrylic Nails £35

Nail Art on Two Nails £2.50

Acrylics Removal with Conditioning Manicure £25

BIAB Overlay on Natural Nails £20

BIAB Infills on Natural Nails £25

Acrylic or BIAB Infills £30

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“I don’t have makeup on all the time, but when I want, I have fun with my friends choosing clothes and putting nail polish on”

Emma Watson

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