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The color of your skin is determined by pigments known as melanin, which are produced by the skin’s specialized cells or melanocytes. However, the melanin production sometimes goes awry. There’s either too much or too little melanin produced that causes skin pigmentation disorders. Such conditions can make the skin appear darker or lighter than normal or discolored and blotchy.

Pigmented spots refer to the colored patches or spots on the skin that are caused by an increased melanin production. Some lesions are present at birth while others develop due to sun exposure or with age. Although many people always want youthful looking, clear and smooth skin, sun damage is something you could not avoid.

In order to eliminate this problem and provide your body an even skin tone, the MPL was introduced to the market. Its differentiating factor involves the inclusion of radio frequency technology in the Multi Pulse Light. This unique combination enables us to provide the most innovative technology available to get rid of pigmentation. This technology is also a lot safer, more effective and comfortable than any traditional IPL machine.

How Does it Work?

The Multi Pulse Light energy is directed onto your skin through the application of optical gel prior to the treatment. The light is then drawn to the melanin or the color of the pigmentation area. The light is followed by the radio frequency down to the pigment, which adds extra heat to the target in order to break up the pigmentation.

Who Can Benefit from the Pigmentation Southport Removal?

The Fitzpatrick’s skin types 1 – 3 can have the treatment. A skin clinician will discuss the detail with you. A reliable beauty Salon Southport has experienced skin clinician to help you understand this further.

What will You Feel During and After the Treatment?

The treatment will give you a feeling like an elastic band that flicks against your skin surface. Because of the Verite Beauty Southport Beauty Salon Southport advanced technology, this treatment is a lot more comfortable than Laser machines or traditional IPL. Your skin can feel warm and tingly after the treatment.

How Many Times do I Need the Treatment?

On average, it is recommended to have between 3 and 6 treatments, but some people may actually need more than this because of the depth of the pigment and age. Talk to your skin clinician to help you understand more the details. Occasional maintenance treatments are also advised after the treatment. It is also important to note that treatments are spaced every four weeks.

What will I Expect after the Treatment?

You will notice redness around the pigmented area and the pigment lesion will appear darker. The darker pigment will then come to the surface between three to ten days after the treatment and flake off with the renewal of the natural skin. Don’t pick the flakes, as it can lead to scarring. When the pigment has flaked off, you will notice the area to be clear with just little trace of the spot or patch.

What Should I Do in Between Treatments?

Don’t use sunbeds and make sure you don’t gain an active tan. Wear SPF 30+ with UVB and UVA each day during the course of the treatment. If you want to use fake tan, use it on the area ten days before the treatment and twenty-four hours after the treatment.

Full Face £120

Full Face & Neck £140

Full Face & Neck & Decolletage £180

Decolletage or Chest £120

Half/Part Face £80

Back Of Hands £80

Forearms & Hands £140

Fullarms & Hands £170

Shoulders £135

Thread Vein/Rosacea

While facial thread veins are often caused by some environmental factors, such as wind and sun damage, other contributors to the problem also include genetic or lifestyle, like alcohol and facial flushing triggers, which can include tea, heat, coffee and exercise. Other causes of thread veins can also be attributed to hormone therapy, oral contraception and hereditary factors.

How to Treat Thread Veins?

If you are suffering from thread veins Verite Beauty Sloan Southport, the Multi Pulsed Light technology is now available to help treat the problem. This technology triggers the broken capillaries and collapse of the veins without causing any damage to the skin’s surrounding outer layers. It also improves the skin’s overall appearance by encouraging collagen production and evening out skin tone.

How Does this Technology Work?

Multi Pulsed Light uses multiple light wavelengths to treat the face’s dilated blood vessels. The blood vessels and structures that cause the capillaries to flare up absorb the energy level and different wavelengths of light emitted from the energy source of MPL.

The Hemoglobin, which is the substance that provides the blood its reddish, purple color, absorbs the light waves and converts them into heat, which causes the vein walls to collapse, impeding the flow of blood. When this happens, the body slowly absorbs the vein, disappearing from sight. With this, the look of capillaries and facial thread veins disappear or become reduced, which can lead to a more rejuvenated, younger appearance.

Beauty Salon Southport also uses radio frequency, together with the MPL light in order to create additional heat. This allows the light to be produced even at a lower energy setting in case the skin color dictates this to be preferable.

There are no anesthetics required with IPL MPL treatments. The number of treatments you’ll need depends on the severity and location of your thread veins.


Rosacea is a very common, but often misunderstood skin condition that mainly affects the face. Signs may include patches and persistent redness of the skin, enlarging and thickening of the skin, often on and around the nose and small blood vessels becoming visible.

How to Treat Rosacea?

Modern techniques, like Multi Pulsed light is a unique technology used to reduce the symptoms and signs of rosacea. It can also reverse the damaged caused by excessive flow of blood. This technology is also gaining popularity as an effective mainstream treatment for rosacea.

A lot of people also use both oral and topical antibiotics to treat mild cases of rosacea. For more severe causes, antibiotics like Metronidazole are often prescribed to help decrease the formation of spot. However, this treatment is minimally effective only on facial redness. It rarely affects the flushing aspects of rosacea or broken blood vessels, which are the main issues experienced by rosacea sufferers.

The MPL technology is known to be a more effective treatment to solve your problem with rosacea. Reliable beauty salon Southport and professional company like Verite Beauty Southport Beauty Salon can help you deal with the problem and eliminate your skin issues. They are equipped with high-end technologies and systems like MPL technology to help improve the quality of your life.

Nose £65

Cheeks £90

Full Face £120

Full Face & Neck £140

Full Face & Neck & Decolletage £180

Legs POA


 In any age, most of you experienced acne together with its negative effects on your skin. Most people use the term “acne” for describing the wide complexion of skin problems like pimple, small spots, large, fiery spots, blackheads and other bumps on your face, back, chest, shoulders and neck. For some, it is just only a mild skin problem, but for others it is a condition that affects your life in long term from both emotional and physical repercussions. Traditional treatments can have variety of negative and side effects and commonly it requires months for it to work.

At Verite Beauty Southport beauty salon, you don’t need to worry about these problems, because we do a remarkable result for our client’s skin problems. One of the reason why, is because we’re just one of those few clinics that can target the exact optimum depth of bacteria which are responsible for the continuous growing of acne. We use a complete different wavelength for every condition, that’s why we earn a better result for treating your acne problems. Our technology can help for treating the appropriate settings of acne and different skin problems. To make the story short, we have different features in our machine that can assist the enhancement of treatment result and with the combining of radio frequency that boosts the certain effects. You can browse our technology section to see the explanation of how we treat our clients in all grades of skin and acne problems. We are welcoming you if you will visit us for the discussion of the details of your skin issues.

How can it be treated?

With the use of MPL technology, it carefully targets the wavelength in the most relevant setting of bacteria location. Light energy can destroy the acne bacteria easily result of shrinkage of sebaceous glands that are inflamed, which also causes an outbreak of pustules. Since Verite Beauty machines are having the additional elements for radio frequency that targets the specific wavelength more than other machine, we can ensure you an outstanding result for your skin issues.

How much treatment is recommended?

Verite Beauty is recommending the combination of radio frequency treatment and MPL, to promote a softer, more radiant and healthier skin. For a best result, we suggest you to have treatment at least once a week in one month. In some other case, once every two weeks which depends on your condition. Usually, most client see certain improvements after 4 up 6 treatments. Your skin will continuously improve after treatments are finished.

Are there any side effects?

With IPL, it can cause brief pinprick sensations. In other cases, there will be redness in the treated area, swelling and goose bumps. But, these effects will only disappear after several hours of treatment. However, there are no major negative cases or visible secondary effects after undergoing with this treatment.

At Verite Beauty Southport beauty salon, we are treating different clients, whether young or old and we offer privacy and discretion. So you don’t have to worry with your skin problems, as we are always there to help and improve your condition. With Verite Beauty Southport Beauty salon, you are in the safe hands.

Full Face £100

Half Face £75

Chest £120

Upper Back £130

Prices are per session & multiple sessions will usually be required. Discounts will apply to payments for multiple sessions.

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