Radio Frequency Hair Removal

Up to 12 months maintenance free smooth skin

Semi permanent Hair removal in Southport

Both women and men suffer from unending, laborious and time consuming process of hair removal treatment. But with us, you don’t need to worry about that. Currently, there are different methods or removing or eradicating your unwanted facial and body hair. It includes plucking, shaving, sugaring, tweezing, waxing, creams and threading. For many, the desire of removing hair from the areas of their body is a quest for a more convenient lifestyle, but for others the excess body and facial hair is a huge distress.

To solve this issue, we offering the most advanced technology that is available for your hair problems. It is safer and more comfortable that your single beam laser and traditional IPL. Wanted to know how MPL technology works? Here are the information and explanation that you needed to know.

How does this hair removal treatment work?

The process requires your hair to be in their growing stage. As there are only limited hairs in the growing stage and they are not well- proportion in your body parts, treatment is very important to obtain a permanent removal.

Who can benefit from the treatment?

The general rule of this treatment is that if you have darker hair than your skin, then you are a possible candidate. But, we are still advising you for some consultation. We are using a technology that enables to treat darken types of skin. Your hair will need some color for the treatment to work. White, blonde and gray hair can’t be treated.

How many treatments will you need?

Commonly, we recommend taking treatment between six and eight months. But, it will still depend on your case, because there are people who need more than that. It will be discussed by your skin clinician. However, maintenance treatment is advised.

What t expect after the treatment?

After you undergo on a treatment, you will experience redness in the treated areas, and your hair follicles may also rise, though it will subside in a few hours of your treatment. Then, in the next two weeks, the hairs will fall out.

Why is it a safer treatment for dark skin?

Because of the inclusion of radio frequency, the light energy can keep lower than your traditional IPL and laser. Through this, we not just only provide a more comfortable treatment with all skin types, but also treat dark skins. This can be done through the keeping of light energy that passes in the epidermis in a safe level and a successful hair removal. Since we are treating hairs with a heat based radio frequency, it can comfortably and easily remove hairs with different skin types.

White and very pale hair colour like grey, are not included in our hair removal treatment that uses an advanced MPL technology.

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Upper Lip or Chin £45

Upper Lip & Chin £70

Sideburns £60

Full Face & Neck (female) £120

Full Face, Beard & Neck (male) £140

Neck (female) £60

Neck (male) £90


Full Back & Shoulders £180

Upper Back & Shoulders £150

Arms £150

Upper or Lower Arms £115

Under Arms £70

Full Back £150

Shoulders £90

Chest (female) £60

Chest (male)£110

Abdome £90

Chest & Abdomen 3150

Stomach Line £50


Upper or Lower legs £130

Full legs £160

Full Legs inc. Bikini £190

Bikini £70

Extended Bikini £80

Brazilian/G-string/Buttucks £90

Feet or Toes £45

Feet & Toes £70


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